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 Battle At The Skype

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Frog H.

Frog H.

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PostSubject: Battle At The Skype   13/3/2010, 5:03 pm

Hey, i got a great idea. To play a webcam(Skype) verison of battle at the berrics. i need 10 people to enter this skype game of skate it will go like this. 1st round there will be 5 games of skate. they will be 1 verse 1, best 2 out of 3. 2nd round one person will get the by meaning the dont play skate and they automaticlly win. still there wil be 2 other games. 1 vs 1 3-5. not 2-3, but 3-5. 3rd round there will be 1 more by and the semi final battle.1vs1 3-5. all battles must be done the following week games were given out.
1.Frog H.
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Battle At The Skype
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