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 Cuatro Fingerboards Products

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PostSubject: Cuatro Fingerboards Products   Cuatro Fingerboards Products Empty9/12/2009, 11:19 pm

ello, today ill be doing a review on two products. The first is a Mad Genius Deck, and the second is Cuatro tuning.

Mad Genius

I ordered this deck personally from Noah Young. Shipping was very fast and took 4 days from Conneticut to Hawaii. The deck cost 30 usd. He ships with delivery confirmation with every sale, so you know where you package is at all times. He uses waterproof bubble mailers and the shipping label is very proffesional with the Cuatro logo. 10/10

The first thing I said when i opened the bubble mailer, was WOW. The deck is so beautiful. The laquer is crazy shiney and very even. Sanding is all good, and there are no rough spots in the sanding. Holes are drilled perfectly, and kingpin holes are dead on. 10/10

This deck packs alot of pop. It has medium kicks and medium concave. They are made out of the Cuatro Spicy mold. It is a special edition 6-ply, with a unique ply combination. Plies go: Exotic, CF, wood, wood, CF, two tone. The 2 wood middle plies actually make the deck more solid, while the carbon fiber does its job by keeping the deck lighter, with a very very crisp pop. It is a great deck for the price, and its too bad i dont like deeper concave. Mad There is nothing he can improve on, congrats on makin the perfect deck. 10/10

Cuatro Tuning

It came with my Mad Genius so read above. 10/10

Okay i had a few issues with this tuning. Everything is really thick. It was hard to get the nut on since the top oring and washer were so thick, so i changed it out with a top washer and oring from rip bushings. They are really solid and keep a very tight truck, which is a plus. One thing to work on is getting some different size orings and washers. 8/10

Okay so heres some pics hope you enjoyed the review!
Cuatro Fingerboards Products PICT0029
Cuatro Fingerboards Products PICT0030
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PostSubject: Re: Cuatro Fingerboards Products   Cuatro Fingerboards Products Empty11/12/2009, 4:43 pm

i like the review simple and to the point. the deck looks pretty nice! Smile
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Cuatro Fingerboards Products
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